Initiatives in Care Ltd

Why We Are Here and What We Can Do For You:

Analysis – We carry out research, look into the big challenges of the day, the financial or resource constraints you might face and find ways to help social work improve, re-think and usually, see and do things differently, through the better use of systems and technology.

Insight – We believe that our combined knowledge offers unique insights and advice from experienced people who know what it’s like to be inside public policy development and the consequential operational service delivery, and the opportunities that this digital age we find ourselves in, to improve organisational performance and the management of risk.

Engagement – We are here to act perhaps as a problem-solver or catalyst for effective change; we can hopefully spark ideas, generate debate, challenge preconceptions, bring experience to bear and make the art of the possible, possible. We believe we can achieve this through our independent spirit, critical analysis and impartial advice.

Our Outputs

Practical – we can understand what the concepts are, or could be, how the theory might work in practice, and how to define and deliver what’s deliverable within reasonable resources.

Current – our approach and solutions development are applicable to the real world of public services and social work today, and what’s probably planned for the future.

Evidence Based – not just from our own knowledge base, but through continuous assessment and benchmarking of ideas and practice; we work on the basis of analysis and substance and either have, or can create, extensive peer group access for comparative or complementary thinking.

Engaging – we believe that one of our strengths is the ability to generate involvement and enable new ideas to flow and to be able to assess the relative contributions from consultation and independent thinking.
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